Wondering what to wear for your boudoir photography session?

Wondering what to wear for your boudoir photography session?

The answer might be in your closet.

Having a tough time deciding what to wear for your boudoir session? You’re not alone – it’s the number two thing women worry about when they plan their shoot (number one: will my stomach/cellulite/arms/etc look awful and are you judging me?). When people ask me “What should I wear for my boudoir session?” they are usually asking what lingerie they should buy. 

Now, I can answer that (you can check out my creatively titled “What’s the best lingerie for my boudoir photoshoot?”) but as much fun as it is to shop for the perfect outfit to wear for your boudoir session, sexy photography is not just about cute negligĂ©es. What you wear for your boudoir session should be a reflection of your personality and what feels sexy to you – whether it’s spiked leather cuffs, Parisian lingerie or your boyfriend or girlfriend’s button-up. 

Great stuff to wear for your boudoir session that you might already have

~An oversized dress shirt or flannel~

For the effortlessly sexy “just grabbed their shirt” look from many a rom-com: 

~A cute t-shirt and panties~

The barefoot girl-next-door look never goes out of style. Or, showcase your inner geek!

~A filmy scarf or pretty length of fabric~

Fun for twirling around you, draping over your shoulder, or even turning into a skirt for a classy couture look. 

~That dress you never get to wear~

Fell in love with a gorgeous gown or sweet summer dress that you never seem to find a place to wear? Photoshoots are a great time to play dressup! And there is an awful lot of seductive power in slowly taking off a beautiful dress. 

~Your favourite oversized sweater~

Or any sweater that opens in the front or has a nice loose neckline that can fall seductively over your shoulder. The casual, relaxed sexiness looks great and can also be a nice gentle start to a photography session, a bit less intimidating than putting on your most daring skimpies first thing…

~Nothing at all~

My personal favourite. While you don’t have to take it all off for your boudoir session, there is something incredibly empowering about getting naked in front of the camera. Plus, with the money you’ll save buying fewer outfits you’ll be able to afford to splurge on the ones you do buy – check out fab local lingerie boutique Bayberry Intimates, Edmonton lingerie store Princess Lingerie, or look online at my favourite plus-sized fashion retailer Torrid or the luxuriously sexy Agent Provocateur for ideas! And if you haven’t seen it yet, my guide to the best lingerie to buy for your boudoir shoot is here

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