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Fearless Destination Boudoir Retreats


Boudoir photography is all about reclaiming and celebrating yourself and leaving your comfort zone behind; destination boudoir takes that to the next level. Travel with us and you’ll make new friends, have adventures, and have your photos taken in some of the world’s most beautiful places! Since 2003, the Fearless Retreats have been the highlight of our year – join us and you’ll see why everyone who has been on one is already planning their next adventure. 


We plan the adventures, all you have to do is show up and have a blast! Fire dancers, banquets, temples and beaches in Bali, cooking classes and wine tours and ancient architecture in Italy, burlesque classes and ghost tours and beignets in New Orleans… wherever we are, we immerse you in magical experiences, friendship and fun- and top it all off with clothing-optional body positive pool parties, of course.


Boudoir photos that let your truest, most confident, sexy & gorgeous self shine through, taken in some of the world’s most beautiful places. There is no experience quite like it! Whether you want to be naked on the beach, wearing a fabulous gown on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or roaming a foreign city dressed to the nines and feeling glamorous, we have you covered. Or… uncovered, as the case may be? We’re known for finding beautiful spots to shoot in unexpected places and impulsive photographic adventures! Hate being in front of the camera? Challenge accepted! We promise we can change your mind and take beautiful photos you love.


This, truly, is the best part- and why so many women come back year after year. The Fearless babes are an incredible group of women who have fun, support each other, talk and laugh and grow together. Our friendships span the globe and the stories are legendary! If you are a little weird and a lot wonderful, you’ll fit right in. We’re welcoming, kind, and we can’t wait to invite you to sit at our table. <3

To register for your earlybird invitation to upcoming Fearless Retreats, email me at star@actsofbeauty.ca. We sell out every year! You can read about our Fearless Destination Boudoir Retreat to Bali here.