Meet Star

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer Star Newman
Edmonton Boudoir Photographer Extraordinaire

Star Newman



I’m a boudoir photographer, a mom and an artist, a dancer and a writer and a dreamer.  I love the smell of chai and the taste of raspberries.  I ride my horses bareback, read to my kids, and cherish beauty wherever I find it.  I love light so much I can’t separate myself from it; I get distracted watching it play over a friend’s face during coffee and grey days sap all my strength.  

I’m imperfect, so I’ve learned to find beauty in imperfection; or maybe perfection in a carefully arranged collection of flaws? I am endlessly in love with my work, always amazed at how a camera can capture aspects of people they can’t see in themselves. I have been one of the best Edmonton boudoir photographers around for more than a decade, and I can show your beauty in ways you never imagined.

I’ve never quite outgrown a need to try to save the world so my packaging is recycled whenever possible, I do my best to buy locally made products and products from vendors that have ethically responsible business and manufacturing practices, and a portion of all sales is donated to a variety of charities helping women and girls here in Edmonton and overseas.

“Star is beyond professional and kind and amazing and talented. She saw in me someone I always wanted to see, and was able to show that person to me. I am thrilled with the photos and the entire experience <3”  -Ashley

How it all started

I began taking pictures for real when I became friends with some amazing, beautiful women who didn’t realise how amazing and beautiful they were.  We fooled around with my camera in the evening as we learned about friendship and that not all girls were like the mean girls from school. 

As the photos got better, my friends and I got stronger, learning to love our bodies and trust our friendships.  Eventually I started taking pictures of other women who had seen the photos and heard the stories, and I’ve spent the last fifteen years making the photographic transformations I love into a business. It’s also still what I do with my friends for fun- did I mention I love my job?

My inspirations

I love the natural world, beautiful light, the female form, and watching women slowly unfurl and let go of the hurtful, negative thoughts they wrap themselves around. 

I want to set loose a tribe of confident, wildly beautiful, happy and free women who themselves create daughters and nieces and sisters who dance in the rain and laugh in the sunlight and dream bigger than we can even imagine for them.

I am also inspired by fine dark chocolate and chai. Hey, you can’t be deep all the time. 


What I Believe

I believe that all people deserve the right to happiness, safety, and free expression of love. The studio is an LGBTQIA+ safe space and I believe that offering refuge and aid to displaced people is the privilege and responsibility of those who are born to safety. Black lives matter and systemic racism exists in Canada and needs to be recognised and dealt with. While most people say you should keep strong opinions out of your business, I think that given the tremendous act of trust involved in booking a boudoir photography session, it’s better that you know who I am going in. 

“Star is an absolute dream to work with. She truly sees the beauty in everyone, and has a magical way of bringing it out in her photos. You can’t help but feel like a supermodel while working with her!”  -Peggy

About You

You are a beautiful woman, but sometimes you have trouble seeing it.  You want your daughter, or your niece, or your sister to love herself just the way she is, but you… you plan to love yourself just the way you are- after you lose ten pounds. Or when you don’t look so tired from being up all night with the kids.  Or when the echoes of cruel things people have said to you in the past finally die out.

It turns out, though, that you ARE beautiful.  For real.  Those people who tell you that? They’re not lying. 

And I can show you what they see……want to see?