Boudoir Gallery

The women in these pictures didn’t walk into the studio feeling like confident divas, ready to fling their clothes onto the floor and strut. They were somewhere between nervous and terrified. They booked their shoot and then wondered what the hell they were thinking. 


They didn’t know what to wear, they weren’t so sure showing their stomach was a great idea, and had always felt awkward in front of the camera. 


Our studio specialises in taking spectacular photos of curvy and plus-sized women and women who are working on their self image and their relationship with their body. Women who are ready to feel beautiful and love themselves, but may still worry that it’s not possible. 


Women like you. 

“Star is an amazing artist and makes you feel so comfortable and good about yourself, no matter how impossible you thought that would be. I cannot recommend her enough. She is wonderful!”  -Katelyn

Are you ready to embrace the body you have? To love yourself the way you are? To have photos that blow your mind and make you admit that you are beautiful? Then we’re your girls.