Fearless: Bali

Destination boudoir photo of woman in pool with flower in her hair


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Destination Boudoir Photography in Bali


The only thing better than boudoir photography in Edmonton is boudoir photography in Bali! And that’s not just my opinion- the Fearless: Bali women’s destination boudoir & empowerment retreat sold out so fast we had to add a second week to our annual destination boudoir trip. <3 This life, you guys.

(Think I talk too much? You’re not wrong. 😉 Scroll down for the gallery! But warning, there will be boobs.)

*   *   *

Most of us have dreamed about Bali, at one time or another. Warm breezes and cool drinks. Fire dancers and exotic birds. Sunset yoga, dramatic beaches, ancient temples and thriving markets in small towns carved out of the jungle… Bali captures the imagination and draws us in.

In 2017, our international destination for the Fearless Destination Boudoir Retreat was Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia. We stayed in a perfect tropical oasis- a secluded little bit of heaven with lush greenery, gorgeous architecture, an enticing pool with a gentle waterfall for daytime photoshoots and evening pool parties, a main villa with glass walls that were rolled open anytime it wasn’t raining and four gorgeous private cabins, and a local cook who made us the most beautiful Balinese breakfasts every morning. Seriously, it was even better than you’re imagining- I have never been so spoiled in my life! There was a freestanding stone bathtub open to the stars where we impulsively shot by candlelight one night, an infinity pool overlooking the jungle, outdoor “Bali beds” stuffed with pillows for lounging, a walkway over the turtle pond… everywhere you turned there was something beautiful. It was truly paradise, and we never wanted to leave!

Bali women's retreat group photo women laughing naked in pool

In many ways, Bali wasn’t what I expected- but in such a very good way. I imagined a sort of Yogic peace and serenity with women in lotus position on every doorstep and chimes on the cool breeze, and instead found a vibrant country full of festivals, music, riotous colours and fantastic sculptures. Every street seemed to have an elaborate temple and beautiful offerings of small hand-woven baskets of flowers were everywhere, all the time- a reminder of the way spirituality was seamlessly woven into everyday Balinese life. It was colourful and lush and loud and friendly and, well… there were penises. So. Many. Penises. That was unexpected! (On the statues, of course. What were you thinking?)

But then again, in some ways it was just what I dreamed. At our villa so many perfect flowers fell softly into the pool each night that there was a young man whose job it was to skim them from the top and leave them in baskets for our photoshoots; fruit I’d never tasted before exploded with flavour on my tongue at breakfast; we spent our days in colourful sarongs and not much else. It was like a beautiful dream.

Because we had two full groups of women AND two photographers (the incredibly talented Virginia Boudoir Photographer Jen Fox graced us with her talents as well), you can only imagine the amount of crazy beautiful art that came out of this. This seemingly large gallery has only a small sampling of the hundreds of gorgeous photos we took, in between sharing friendship, having adventures, sipping fresh fruity drinks, learning to barter, and being spoiled rotten by our lovely chef and den-mother Nurdi.

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The vacation of a lifetime- except many women come back year after year. <3


We plan adventures, tours, and local classes that are fun and worry-free. All you have to do is show up and we do the rest! In Bali we visited temples and beaches, an ethically-run coffee & cacao plantation, waterfalls and hotsprings and a volcano and more! In the evening we watched fire dancers, learned Balinese dance, enjoyed a traditional Balinese banquet, and of course capped it all off with clothing-optional body positive pool parties.


Boudoir photos that let your truest, most confident, sexy & gorgeous self shine through, taken in some of the world’s most beautiful places. There is no experience quite like it! Whether you want to be naked on the beach, in a fabulous gown on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or roaming a foreign city dressed to the nines and feeling glamorous, we have you covered. Or… uncovered, as the case may be. 😉 We’re known for finding beautiful spots to shoot in unexpected places and impulsive photographic adventures!


This, truly, is the best part- and why so many women come back year after year. The Fearless babes are an incredible group of women who have fun, support each other, talk and laugh and grow together. If you are a little weird and a lot wonderful, you’ll fit right in! There are no mean girls here, just fabulous new friends you didn’t know you needed. <3