You. Are. Amazing.

You. Are. Amazing.

Loving yourself isn’t vanity. Β It’s only common sense.


Over the past ten days, I’ve heard inspiring stories from 77 women from across the country. To enter to win a all-inclusive glamour shoot, I asked them to complete the phrase: “I am amazing. I…”

Here’s what they’ve been saying.

I am amazing. I push myself to new limits, achieve goals, and always remember to dream.

I am amazing. I am a single mother of a 9 month old, and even though at times want to pull my hair out…doing grand job of being a mother

I am amazing. I am parenting two young boys, including one with a little something extra, and I finally have the courage to pursue my dream through hardwork and determination… Oh and I will realize my dream.

I am amazing. I am a single mother who works 7 days a week at a job I hate, but always still have time to take parenting classes, take my son to the therapist, and take him to swimming, skating, soccer, tae kwon do. I work my ass off at life everyday, and do an amazing job of it.

I am amazing. I put my whole heart into everything I do. I am a teacher of children, preparing them for the future and helping them to make the world a better place. I Photograph others so that they can feel amazing, too. I look after my whole family, however they need it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Even when it is hard to do, I still try to share with everyone, because while it may be hear, the other person could be having a harder time! And of course I share my love with my husband and my furbabies.

I am amazing. I saw things in my life that were unhealthy, and were making me unhappy. I changed those things by severing ties and creating new ones, by self work, lots of time, dedication, and with the help of my few dearest people. I feel like the butterfly just from the cocoon, and I’m finally happy with what I see introspectively.

I am amazing. I sank into a deep dark hole where I thought that no one wanted me anymore. By staying strong and not giving up on myself and my family I realized how amazing I was and how much I meant to those that are most important to me.

I am amazing! I have survived a life that has tried to bring me down so many times, and am thriving and prospering despite it. I have a wonderful daughter who is a joy in my life, and I have amazing friends who care about me and my daughter.

I am amazing. I am finally awakening to the gift, the joy, and the dynamic ease of life – in natural time and with balance. I have already won because I’m in a committed relationship with myself and my body. I’ve left Edmonton for 6 months to get ready for this photo shoot. I am awesome because I am finally learning what it means to love myself. I am bloody brilliant because by 8:00am I had already had a Nia class and a yoga class. I am richly blessed because a few years ago on a small island, at an open mic night I met Star Newman and for a number of reasons my life hasn’t been the same since. Love you!

I am amazing, I havent figured out how yet.. but I’m sure someone thinks it somewhere πŸ™‚

I am amazing. I have faced dark, and sad days in my past, I am still fighting back everyday! I have survived by myself all these years, sometime I don’t know how I do it, but I persevere. I am in one of those deep holes right now, but with God’s help and faith, I will climb out of that hole soon and be even stronger!!!! I just had my birthday last Friday, so I am ready to face another year ahead!!!

I am amazing: I’m a rocking step mom, an advocate for literacy, a negotiator, an expert, and a confidante. I am honest and kind but I am no longer a pushover. I’ve faced increasingly difficult decisions and situations in the last two years and made good decisions. I’ve sought out and found conviction and strength where I never thought I would. I sing to my daughter and hold her hand and make her laugh when I change the words to include her and give her structure and encourage her make decisions; I let her be wrong when I want to step in because that is what will let her grow into an awesome adult. I apparently make really satisfying noises when I am tickled.

I am amazing because I AM ME! It took me 40 years to get there, but I am finally ME! If you know my life and my past you would understand more fully. And yes I did the happy dance here at work. (Editor’s note: I may also have told people they had to do a happy dance.)

I am amazing because I have been in pain every single day for more than a decade but I do my best to not let the pain define my life or be its focus. I try to find the gold star moment in every day.

I am AMAZING!!! I am a mother of three children all under five. I work my butt off at a full time job and a few part times ones to give them everything they need and then some. I finished university even when I was nine months pregnant in finals and I am now into my masters. I volunteer for everything and try to see the positive even when it feels as though there isn’t any. All this and the fact that I push through it all with a serious depressive disorder weighing me down makes me an amazing person!

I am Amazing! I have set myself a goal to get healthy and have lost almost 40 pounds towards that goal. Even in the struggles of trying to create a family over the last 4 years, I have strengthened my relationship with my husband, even while mourning the loss of 3 very small angels. I am creating a new physical body that will sometime be strong enough to support carrying a much wanted child full term. I am amazing because I realize that sometimes I don’t need to be strong, and I can let someone else be strong for me. I am also amazing because I have chosen people to be in my life that I learn from, play with, celebrate with, mourn with, and better myself with.

I am amazing. I am madly in love with my new husband who adores me and believes I am beautiful. At 36 I have achieved many goals including owning my own home, car, kitties, and having a great career. I’m great at quilting and am getting better at painting and my favorite thing in the world is to give these things to friends and loved ones. I am amazing because I am genuine, loving and confident, despite dealing with clinical depression and tons of weight related body issues.
And Star, you are amazing. You did a stunning job at my wedding and in all the shots you’ve done of me. There’s nobody out there (except my husband) that makes me feel more beautiful. πŸ™‚

I am amazing. Despite an incredibly rough year, I have survived and learned that sometimes it’s okay to admit I need help. Through it all, I have been supported by my amazingly generous friends and my wonderful family, especially by my adoring boyfriend. I excel at my job and refuse to fail in the face of adversity. I am talented in so many creative ways and love to find the beauty in my surroundings. I am a good friend, great listener and generous with my time, money and shoulders in time of need.

I am amazing. I have entirely upturned my world to strive for great rather than accept okay. I have overcome fear of change to go fight for my dreams and have gone back to school, bought a new home and found a new love with a beloved friend who truly values me. I have strengthened bonds with my family and friends and learned it is okay to lean on them when life gets hard and in the process entirely renewed my faith that that the more that you give of yourself the more that life gives you in return. I am unquenchably positive, tireless in my enthusiasm for life and unafraid to be silly.

I am amazing. I strive everyday to find the positive amongst the sorrow, to be the worthy despite the weakness, and to be the bestest friend to those who will let me, including myself.Β 

I am amazing! I don’t always feel it but when I take a moment to breathe, I realize that I have come through a lot and even knowing there is more bad to come, I am still becoming better and better at being a more positive, caring person than who I used to be. From someone who really didn’t like herself, I can honestly say now that I AM amazing. And that’s a wonderful thing! Xo!

I am amazing! When my husband married me he didn’t realize he was getting both a “wife” and a “husband”, but I do it all. Power tools and home improvement, all me. Computer and home electronics repair, me again. Cleaning, laundry, and amazing cook, yup, me too. And you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted one of my desserts. The only thing I don’t do is bring home a pay check because I have decided to stay home and parent our two wonderful toddlers.

I am amazing! I make children work harder than they ever thought they could. I make parents see their children for who they are and what they can be. I teach children to critically think, fill other people’s emotional bucket and that making a mistake is okay. I am that spark in their eyes when they finally “get” it. I make children feel safe and comfortable to think outside of the box all while learning to be a responsible citizens. No matter the challenges or needs a child has, they are equal in my eyes. I do all this while balancing my own life, friends and volunteering. While the last year was challenging and almost killed me, it taught me that I’m truly blessed to be doing what I love, surrounded by friends and family that I love. I have learned to make the most of each moment, fill your heart with joy and happiness, and what you give out does not necessarily need to equal what you get back. Most importantly, I am amazing because I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in time and grateful to have this moment.

I am amazing. After getting out of a very abusive, controlling relationship, I was self-destructive and hated every part of who I was. I never thought I could do anything right, and I thought that no one would ever love me. It took a lot of time and work, but after a while I was finally able to forgive and realize what I am – a wonderful, kind, giving, beautiful, intelligent woman who can stand up for herself and what she believes in. I worked very hard to get where I am and I’ll never forget the steps it took for me to get here. I have grown from being a hateful, broken, and deeply unhappy person to a great friend and a wonderful girlfriend who loves those around her as well as herself.

I am amazing!!!! Because I picked the path I wanted to take in life and even when everyone questioned it I pushed on and each day I take steps towards my happiness every day. I stopped listening to the people who told me I couldn’t do it.

I am amazing. I found the strength when life tossed me a curveball to take that curveball and remake myself. I ended my marriage of 6 years and found the strength to continue onward for my amazing daughter who is so unbelievably brave in all of this. In this past year I have found and secured my dream job after almost losing it. I lost 40+ pounds and gained a huge amount of self confidence. I have learned that I have no room in my life for negativity and negative people. I am growing stronger every day, and strive to be the best possible role model for my one of a kind daughter!

I am amazing. I feel valued as a spouse, friend, mother, daughter, sister, coworker, and, yes, grandmother (which I am still slowly learning to accept). I look forward to the future and the places I will go. I am undaunted.

I am amazing… at my age im daring to do things I would have been to scared to when younger…I had awesome glamour photos of my self done, and I am moving to Mexico for most of the year! AAAArrriiibbbaaa!

I am amazing. I have the privilege and honour of helping beautiful women reshape their views of themselves and reclaim their bodies every single day!

I am amazing. I am a mother of 4, step-mother to 4 more and grandmother to 1; and I am looking and feeling the best that I have ever felt and would love a photo shoot to celebrate!!!

I am amazing because I am a mother of 4 beautiful girls stepmother to 1 more beautiful girl who has a son I consider my grandson. I am also amazing because my husband of 21 years ended or marriage via text message saying it was a good run but he found someone else and it was actually something that should of happened years ago and my kids and family have kept me from running back to him like I have for many years even after all the abuse to myself and my children…And would love a photo shoot to send out to everyone that is supporting me in this transition to show them how great and wonderful I am doing.

I am amazing. I have a good job that I adore, more amazing friends than I can possibly count, and a wonderful boyfriend who treats me like a goddess every single day. I left an unhealthy, manipulative, false relationship with my husband, never expecting to find love again, and even though I was happy to be a spinster the rest of my life, found room and light for love once more.

I am amazing. I have a great wife whom tells me so everyday. I <3 you for all that you do and say of me M! I would love to see just how amazing I could look in Star Newman’s fabulous Photo Shoot.

I am amazing. I have grown as a person so much and and looking forward to where life will take me and my family more than ever. I am loved and more importantly I am learning to love myself again.

I am amazing. I have grown into my own skin over the last several years. I have learned just how strong I am as I support my mother through the most difficult time in her life. I have become aware of the depth and quality of friends in my life, and am ever so grateful for it.

I am amazing.
I have the luv of a man who believes in me and lets me continue to grow into the person I ‘need’ to become. And two teen aged daughters who believe I am the source of their trouble. When they are all grown up they’ll see how I was amazing too.
Mostly I am amazed by all the women posting here.

I am amazing! I am a new mom to a beautiful 6 week old baby boy. I am so proud and excited to be a new mommy. My life has changed dramatically! I have a new found feeling of pride and confidence. My husband says he has never been happier. I would love to do this shoot to motivate me to be sexy and confident and to not loose that feeling even though I am a new mom. Thanks for the exciting opportunity!Β 

I am amazing. I am a mom of 2 amazing boys and currently getting ready to become a surrogate for a friend of mine. I cannot wait to help bring a miracle in to another family’s world.

I am amazing. I have battled with my weight for before I can remember. I finally have learned to accept who I am and love me for me. I would love to do this photo shoot to show my family and myself how rewarding this new found confidence can be, and to show that I am proud of who I am!

I am amazing. I am so in awe of all the other women on here who have been through so much, I feel quite lucky to have had the life I do. Nothing is ever perfect, but it is perfectly the life I want! I work with my amazing husband during the day, and create corsets in the evenings to help show women their internal power and strength. My kids are reasonably well adjusted, and have goals and dreams of their own. I helped them be that way, and that is amazing!

I am amazing I think only cause I have made it through my hubby being deployed with a 3 year old and a newborn as well I deal with my now 8 year old son who is epileptic as well as dealing with my own health issues leading to my upcoming 7th surgery in 6 years aswell doing all this and raising both my children while my husband is away with the army sometimes months on end and not once giving up or walking away I believe I’m amazing cause I’m stubborn and no matter how much pain I’m in I still can parent and do whatever my children need and keep them happy.

I am amazing. I can say hi.

I am amazing. I have so much creativity bottled up inside me that most days I can hardly contain myself. It’s also impossible to not be inspired by the amazing people commenting on here. Hugs all around!

I am amazing. I laugh. I smile. I’m positive.

I am amazing. I went through nineteen years of an abusive marriage. Managed to protect my five children while working full time and running a business. I fought my culture and everyone around me to leave. I did it I am happy and free!

I AM AMAZING…..I have been told I am a beautiful strong women but at times its so hard to see through my own eyes… I have two boys and my world is focused on them which many find amazing. Β Me and my boys experience a loss this summer (my oldest son’s father died in car accident)… so all my amazing duties are even more focused on my kids.

I am amazing. I deserve to look and feel as fabulous as I am even though it’s been a long time since I have felt like I look as awesome as I am. This would help πŸ™‚

I am amazing! I was diagnosed with a kidney disorder at 7 months pregnant and under went surgery . My little angel was the reason my kidney was saved! I handled the pain as drug free as possible for my little boy and despite complications and an early delivery my baby is healthy! I am undergoing kidney surgery in less than a week & although the scars may be left behind I will consider them a sign of the battle these last couple years have been! Don’t know what the future will bring but I know after all this I am a damn tough cookie and with my baby boy in my arms all will be well :). Hope that isn’t to corny . PS: there are some real amazing stories on here! Maybe we should do a huge group photo lol! Going to be a tough call!

I am amazing. I have a PhD, a fabulous husband, and a job I love. I am surrounded by wonderful friends close enough to call family, despite moving to Edmonton only two and a half years ago. And if all goes well, I’ll have tenure before I’m 30!

I am amazing ! I really am a likable person and I am very outgoing and i am diagnosed with a medical condition and i have been living with it my whole life and I love to take pictures and be creative with them and I really like looking at other peoples photography because they are beautiful and I think that everyone is beautiful and pretty in their own way πŸ™‚

I am amazing because I AM ME!I I deserve to look and feel as fabulous as I am everyone is beautiful and pretty in their own way πŸ™‚

I am amazing because im alive. I just got out out of the hospital… I have seen things inlife no one should ever have to experience and still alive to tell my story I got a six year old girl who thinks I’m amazing…

I am amazing cause Star’s pics have shown me I am beautiful even though time I don’t feel it

I am Amazing. I was single mom for 17 years and raised my two boys on my own. My children are my world and I am also recently married with two step children. I work as a Team Coordinator in a home looking after two menatlly challenged adults. I am also a volunteer cadet officer. I love my jobs as they humble me to know that even though i am the one trying to make a difference in all of their lives, it is just the opposite. They inspire me to be a better person and that my life is blessed in so many ways. It reminds me to be thankful for all the expriences and hardships as they have made me become who I am today.

I am amazing because I have been through a lot but made it out okay every time my life had thrown a disappointment at me… I am strong woman and will continue being a better person than I am today … I have lost 35 pounds all by myself .. I am a proud daughter, sister and mother … I am amazing woman πŸ™‚

I am amazing. I have three children ages 5, 3, and 4 months. After my second I lost 40 pounds through healthy eating and exercising. Since my third baby was born 4 months ago I am already 11 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and I have not been this small since high school! I would love the chance to see and feel this accomplishment!

I am amazing, because I am one of a kind!

I am amazing. I am a single working mom. After getting out of a abusive relationship I lost 20 pounds. I am currently getting ready to go back to school to improve my daughters way of life. I would love this opportunity to do something for me, something to make me feel good about me πŸ™‚

I am amazing because I have become stronger due to all my pain and still love life and people…I deserve to feel beautiful everyday

I am an amazing wife, mom and friend. I love with all my heart and am very protective of family and friends.. I can still make my husband laugh. I love to cook with my son and we talk about everthing. I am compassionate, kind and always willing to listen. I have had many tramas in my life but all have made me a stronger person. Thank you Star for helping me find my beauty! You are am amazing woman!

I’m amazing. I will totally draw hipster owls. You heard me. Hipster. Owls. I deserve to look fabulous because of that fact alone.

I am amazing!! Life can and will kick you down but always…ALWAYS stand back up. It’s how you deal with the hard stuff that makes or break you. Nothing worth having is easy. Cherish every day like its your last…work hard…play harder…and always order dessert. If you don’t wake up tomorrow you’ll be sad you didn’t have that last piece of cheesecake!!

I am amazing… I think. My life has been hard the last six months or so. I need a lift and something to make me feel beautiful again been so sad and lonely hope I win so I will feel like a queen again thanks for the chance to get to feel beautiful.

I am amazing. I have a life I love, full of people I adore and care deeply about. I make beautiful objects, fill them with happy thoughts and amazing people and share them with special people. Also, it’s been nearly a decade since I kicked cancer’s ass.

I am amazing. I love to make my friends and family smile. I am so thankful for everything I have and have earned. I’m a great wife, friend, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, granddaughter. I would like the chance to share my inside beauty with the outside.

I am amazing. I work hard at improving my self for my family to be . I have had the most amzing last 4 going on 5 years with my love , our first addition to our family together is expected to come this December . I have worked really hard at staying healthy this whole pregnancy . I am hoping to meet my goal weight by my 5 year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend in February . Lets just see if I can do it .

I am amazing. I work 2 jobs and still find time for friends. I am getting back into shape, have quit smoking, and get the greatest joy from making other people smile.

I am amazing. I am raising 5 children between the ages of 3 months and 7 years, on my own. I have done hard things and I have been strong enough to handle them.

I am amazing. I’m not afraid – to follow my dreams, to fail, to fall, to get back up, to face reality, to be honest, to be sincere, to be afraid. I fight my own battles. I face my fears. I face my foes. I live and laugh and dance and cry. I embrace my rebel, express my gratitude, enjoy my solitude and endure my trials. I have endless love, amazing courage, limited regrets. I’m proud of my curves, in love with my eyes, love to smile and share whatever piece of happy is on my plate. I. Am. Amazing.

I am amazing. I have fear but do not let the fear rule me. I give everything I have for the people I love. I’m a security guard and the second I’m on the clock, my own well-being is secondary – my only thought is to ensure the safety of those I work with and everyone around me. I am small but I am tough and I do not give up, I do not back down, I do not take anybody’s nonsense. I have been through a lot of hard times and I am all the stronger for it. I have gotten to the point where I’m ready for life to take that next swing, when I’ll be able to say “is that the best you’ve got?” and laugh. I no longer feel only numbness. I am amazing.

I am amazing! I am a single mother of three girls! One is off at college and the other two are 5 and 15 months. I feel I deserve this awesome offer because I sometimes forget what it is like to be beautiful! I do my best when I can but honestly I stay so tired , between work and my girls, that it’s difficult to care at times. I would love to experience being pampered and then show it off in photos!

I am amazing. It’s true! In some ways . . . but the real truth is that I’m delightfully average – exceptionally good in some ways, and really terrible in others. It has taken me a long, long time to learn to embrace being average. The relentless pressure to be perfect just makes us all hide and lie about our failings. I am finally learning to love myself the way I love others (warts and all), and THAT is amazing, because loving happens to be one of my special skills πŸ™‚

I am amazing. I have overcome massive obstacles in the past six years that made me feel defeated and depressed. I discovered that when you need a solution to your problem, you cannot allow anyone, even medical professionals to tell you that there is not one. There is always a solution, you just can not stop asking questions and looking for clues. I feel like I could not have run this marathon of an illness with out the support of my husband who never allowed me to give up on getting better, who propped me up when I fell down and my friends who wouldn’t let me give up on myself. I deserve to look and feel fabulous, it has been a long, dark road to get there.

I am amazing. I am not going to turn my compliment around and put myself down. I am learning and being the best me I can be. I am learning to be as kind to myself as I am to others. I am here in the present (although I continually forgive the past and occasionally dream about the future). I understand what a gift I have been given to be here. I am grateful to those around me (from family to friends and even the little souls that are my pets). I am blessed. You helped my friend Odessa become more confident with picture taking when you did a session with her. She is able to be photographed- confident in her own beauty. It is amazing to see. I am working towards that same goal- where I am confident with a full body picture shot. I will not just take head shots because it is a place where I am comfortable.

You know what? I am amazing. I have made a life for myself where I can bring joy as often as I can to people who need or want it. I am learning from the best, and working towards doing what I want to do for a living, and not what I have to. I’m not here to win anything, I just want to share. πŸ™‚ (The only man who posted, my “apprentice,” Jim West πŸ˜‰

I am amazing because I look at all of your responses and think about how each and every one of you have a glorious story to tell, each one being so different and so beautiful that each one brings a tear to my eye. I am also amazing because I really don’t think I am amazing, I’m just me.. Accept me and love me for who I am, just like I accept and love you for you..

I am AMAZING I am a 46 year old mother to one daughter, and grandmother to a 15 month old grandson, who is the love of my life. I am working on losing 50 lbs, and have 30 more to go. I am grateful everyday for every breathe I take, and would love the opportunity to have a chance to take someone’s breath away after viewing a photo of me taken by you and looking as great as my friend Odessa!!!!


I am amazing. I have saved lives and taught broken-hearted children to love. I have realised every dream that matters to me and am creating new ones every day. I have run with my horses at dusk and felt like I could fly. I love and am loved beyond all reason or measure. And finally, as my life’s work I have the honour of helping women to see their own beauty when they have lost sight of it, and recognize their own greatness.

Thank you all for your inspiring, amazing words!

~ Your photographer, Star Newman

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