When you’re busy making other plans

When you’re busy making other plans

I had a craptastic morning.

I tried to go to bed on time- I really did. And I wasn’t up for very long at all at 4AM with the sick kid. But in the morning I hit snooze until my alarm clock gave up in disgust, I felt like garbage, my teenager was still in her bathrobe at 8AM, my darling middle child was excited to show me how she learned in lifeskills class to make a smoothie- an achingly slow process involving cutting bananas to exact sizes while mom tries not to scream “It’s a food processor! It can handle it!”- and all in all, we were running late. And that was a problem, because today was MY FIRST YOGA CLASS!I’ve been wanting to try yoga for ages and finally found “Yoga For Broken People” at a time I could make… well, apparently not.

Now here’s where I made some “poor choices.” Believing that if I just broke enough traffic laws I could time travel, I sped on the highway. I prepped my 7yo to burn rubber in the school doors while I watched from the car instead of lovingly handing him off to his teacher. I was going to make it to yoga! I was motivated. So motivated that a nice man in blue decided to give me some feedback (Apparently I did not stop for a full 3 seconds at that stop sign) on my driving.

And the fact that I couldn’t find my registration.

Or my driver’s license.

So much for yoga.

Thankfully, the policemen where I live tend to be really nice people who understand that life happens. So I got only a single ticket, but I’m a big baby about things like this so I cried like the lamest of lame people (I cry about everything. I really wasn’t that upset) and decided that I was not going to yoga 1/2 hour late looking like someone had punched me in the face. I’m not a pretty crier.

I went home pretty mad at myself, preparing to have a terrible day. But when I got there I realised for the first time how sunny and gorgeous the day was. The trees were green and gold, the goats were adorable, the light was perfect and my horses surrounded the studio like a herd of self-help gurus and told me to get over myself and pat them. Also some oats, if you wouldn’t mind. So I took my beautiful mare, who is mostly unbroke but my BFF and absolute favourite creature in the world, and for the first time this summer we did some training and went riding.

The weird thing is I almost didn’t go out. I almost looked at that gorgeous day and those beautiful horses and told myself I needed to work on my website (I do) or write a contract (I do) or edit photos or clean my house or do laundry… how many days do we miss like this? How often do we do the easy thing instead of the beautiful, inspired thing?

So, off you go. Don’t put off loving your life.  I think tomorrow I’ll go riding again.

Gorgeous horses

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  • Doreen
    Posted at 22:26h, 19 September Reply

    Loved your blog of making lemonade out of a lemon-type day (nothing against lemons, mind you), and that I am not the only one who is a crappy crier. 🙂

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