What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World

What a wonderful Christmas! My beautiful twin nieces were born on the 21st and are as perfect as perfect can be, surrounded by love and family, and growing beautifully. It meant so much that their parents let me be there for them and I am passionately and completely in love with these little beings already.  Such strong little souls!

So many of my clients have become dear friends this year, and this Christmas my Puerto Rico girls spoiled me quite rotten, with rich dark molasses cookies, chocolates from my favourite chocolatier, little glass vials containing memories of our trip, and wine to drink by the fire.  Another of my beautiful women surprised me with the most gorgeous new headdress for next year’s Fantasy Couture adventures, I’m already planning the first shoot with it.  Also, since the only way to get a beautiful faery circlet home is to wear it, I got the most lovely compliments that day when I stopped for groceries! 😉

My children are beautiful, healthy, grateful for their gifts and currently playing happily in the snow, my tree is so laden with ornaments and memories that barely a needle is showing, and tomorrow we leave to enjoy a week of skiing, skating and sledding in the mountains with family.   And to top off the holiday my dear fiancé Ben surprised me with a beautiful new lens that I’ve been wanting for years, the kind of self-indulgent lens you can’t justify buying for yourself but that will be perfect for photographing tiny fingers and toes this coming year. <3

I hope you are having a wonderful winter holiday with family and friends.  See you in the New Year!



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