Embracing Our Power- The Too Much Woman

Embracing Our Power- The Too Much Woman

This is my absolute favourite thing I’ve experienced in a long, long time. I don’t often take the time to watch videos but I heartily recommend you make time for this one- I’m glad I did. Too-much woman Gina Hatzis is a true inspiration.

Loving yourself is an act of defiance

Owning and embracing our beauty, sensuality and power is an act of bravery, and I think we don’t discuss that often enough. In a world where we’ve been told there are limits to what is feminine, what is beautiful, how much space we are allowed to take up and how beautiful we must be (just the right amount, not too much or too little), stepping outside those limits is an act of defiance and courage.
It opens us up to the unwanted attention of men, to the criticism of women who have been taught that their body is shameful and their power dirty.
It opens us to judgement from a society that has shuttered not just sex but sensuality tightly behind closed doors; a society that wants us to walk a fine line between being attractive enough- in just the right ways- and not embracing or enjoying it too much because that would be vain, narcissistic, or cheap.

The next frontier

Like the movement towards body positivity- towards recognising both beauty and health in a gorgeous variety of shapes, sizes and colours- changing these things is going to require us to be brave.
To challenge these judgements about our worth and our motives and what “good girls” do.
To decide for ourselves on the relationship we want to have with our body, our sensuality and sexuality and charisma and our feminine power.
We will have to stand strong, knowing that we are the forward guard of the next engagement in this battle we’ve been fighting for control of our bodies. And we will have to stand together, supporting the women beside us as they explore their power and find their own path to authenticity.
No more shaming. No more being a part of the problem, my friends. Get out there and celebrate the f*** out of each other.
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