The Fearless Women’s Boudoir Retreat to New Orleans is sold out!!!

The Fearless Women’s Boudoir Retreat to New Orleans is sold out!!!

My boudoir photography partner in crime Meghan is trying to figure out how much lighting equipment she can fit in her SUV, fabulous makeup artist Michelle is trying to sweet-talk airlines into waiving the weight allowances so she can bring all her “just in case” makeup, and I’m trying to figure out how much tulle I can fit in my suitcase. It’s almost go time!

I’ve been thinking about it- mostly when I should be sleeping- and I’ve decided that what I’m the most excited about (apart from the epic photoshoots, of course) is my first burlesque class. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages, and so on the second night of our trip we’re having Bella Blue, the fabulous and famous headmistress of The New Orleans School of Burlesque, come teach a private class in the old stone courtyard of our beautiful home away from home. Burlesque by the pool, then drinking and dancing the night away- after the epic battle to get my three kids ready to go back to school this week I am SO READY.

And because no post is complete without a photo, here’s one Meg took of me on our scouting trip earlier this year. Note the tape on the baby gator’s mouth- his teeth were tiny but I’m told he could give me the death of a thousand papercuts. Awww!

Cute Baby Gator Destination Photography_0002.jpg

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