Why I’m a boudoir photographer (and will continue to be even if I win the lottery tomorrow) ~ Edmonton Boudoir Photography ~

Why I’m a boudoir photographer (and will continue to be even if I win the lottery tomorrow) ~ Edmonton Boudoir Photography ~

Somebody asked me “why” the other day. Why do you do boudoir photography? Late last night I couldn’t sleep because I had so many more answers than the easy one I gave.

I do boudoir photography because I love it. Because I need to do it. Because I’m a junkie for light and because I adore what I do, so much it sometimes keeps me up at night or wakes me early in the morning filled with dreams and inspirations.

Moody natural light boudoir photo

I am a boudoir photographer because I want my daughters to someday know that there are a hundred thousand different ways to be beautiful, and none of them is better than the others. That they are women of passion who deserve to follow their dreams, and that their worth is not defined by their dress size.

I do boudoir photography because I want to root out that last kernel of insecurity hiding in every woman, shy or bold, scared or confident, uncertain or empowered, and set her free. To let you- all of you reading this- know that it’s okay to see yourself as beautiful exactly the way you are. That it’s okay to WANT to be beautiful. That art is at the core of what makes us human and the desire to make things beautiful and to make beautiful things is what keeps our cultures rich and our spirits vibrant. We see beauty all around us, so why do we call it vanity in ourselves? Why do we hold back?

Elegant black and white boudoir photo

I am a boudoir photographer because 15 years after I took my first picture of a beautiful friend who didn’t yet realise how beautiful she was, I still love what I do every single day I do it.

I photograph women because I want to create gorgeous, mind-blowing, amazing, transcendent art that changes the way people view the world, the way they see themselves, and the way they see women as a whole. I want to change the world, one fabulous woman at a time. I want to set loose a tribe of confident, wildly beautiful, happy and free women who themselves create daughters and nieces and sisters who dance in the rain and laugh in the sunlight and dream bigger than we can even imagine for them.

I do this because, doing it, I have found my tribe. My sisters. My friends, for a moment or for a lifetime. I do it because I have to, because I want to, because I am privileged beyond belief to be able to be a part of the journey towards self-love that these women are on.

Laughing women boudoir pics casual


Aren’t they beautiful? <3

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  • Clayton
    Posted at 12:40h, 16 November Reply

    Star. As one of your models I have had the privilege to know the safe place you create for every one of us. You in every way showed me that I can be myself in front of your camera. You encouraged me to reach inside and be playful. Together we laughed as you painted me with light and each of your photographs show the real me. Boudoir is your art, your passion and your craft and I am glad you have embraced it with all your heart. I am grateful for the friendship we share and thankful I have come to know you. Acts of Beauty it’s what you do. It’s who you are. Thank you for that Star.

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