I Choose Adventure


I Choose Adventure

Her feet touched the asphalt and she almost stumbled, legs jelly from the flight, and took a deep breath of this new air around her. It was night, would have been dark but the runway was bright around her, busses waiting to take them to the terminal with what she would learn was characteristic Italian impatience. The heavy straps of her camera bag cut into her shoulder and she smiled, recognising the pain for what it was- the taste at the beginning of every adventure. She smiled.




Years ago I had a big crazy dream. I had seen a photography workshop in Paris advertised, complete with expensive professional models and fancy hotel rooms, and thought “I love that idea.” But I am not a fancy hotel room girl, and photographing professional models doesn’t interest me. So I decided in my utterly impulsive way that someday I would take fabulous women to Italy and create the most beautiful art I had ever made. I would photograph them in incredible places and foster a spirit of adventure and self-love and confidence and make wonderful new friends and break all the rules and-

-and so I did.

Here begin the stories of the Fearless: Italy 2015 retreat. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

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