How to rock your plus-size boudoir shoot

Beautiful plus size boudoir photos

How to rock your plus-size boudoir shoot

Finding the courage to take your clothes off for a stranger is hard enough, but in a society that tells curvy women to keep themselves covered,¬†booking a plus-size boudoir shoot is a major act of bravery and trust. Here’s how to find the courage and make sure you have a fabulous experience.

Find a photographer who loves curves

Check their portfolio. Are there women who look like you? Are they having fun? Testimonials and reviews are also a great clue- look for women who talk about feeling comfortable with their curves. You want a photographer who is experienced with a variety of shapes and sizes, and passionate about making you feel beautiful!

Beautiful plus size boudoir photos

Don’t apologise for your size

You’re beautiful exactly the way you are- that’s the whole point. A good boudoir photographer will be able to bring out your particular beauty in photographs you love, and make you feel confident and sexy while they’re doing it. So no explanations or apologies! We’re here to help you rock what you’ve got.

Find your why

It’s way easier to put things off than to do something scary, but knowing why you want it will help you take the leap. Are you finally ready to love the body you have? Do you want to celebrate a birthday, a life stage, or a big change? Learn to see yourself as sexy again after a tough breakup? Surprise your partner with a sexy AF gift they never saw coming? Whatever your reason, imagine how great it would feel to accomplish it and hold onto that feeling while you contact your photographer.

boudoir poses for plus size models

Buy lingerie you love

There’s no excuse for ugly or ill-fitting lingerie in today’s brave new world. Our studio has an extensive list of fabulous places to buy lingerie of every size- go get yourself something pretty! Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to spend a ton if you don’t want to, but a pretty, well-fitted bra and panties will make you feel great every time you put them on… and owning a lovely piece of frivolous lingerie is good for the soul.

Fall in love with your body- before, during, and after your shoot.

Before: Take a minute to think about your favourite features. What do you love about your body? Hair, eyes, collarbones, fabulous ass, cute toes… chuck modesty out the window and look at yourself like a friend you love. Feel the texture of your skin. And any time you get a compliment, let it sink in. Believe the person and say thank you!

During: Allow yourself to relax into the moment. You hear that shutter click as your photographer takes a picture? That’s because they saw something they thought was beautiful. Let go of your old expectations and beliefs and let yourself feel sexy.

After: You’re going to walk out feeling like a million bucks. Hold onto that feeling! Memorise it, walk tall, and give yourself permission to feel different about yourself. Confidence and self-love aren’t narcissism, they are components of a healthy life. You don’t owe the world self-loathing. Allow this beautiful feeling to permeate your life.

Beautiful Plus Size Boudoir Photos Pose

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