On Happiness: Guest Post by Stephanie Kuhn

On Happiness: Guest Post by Stephanie Kuhn

Stephanie is fun and vibrant and sensual and she did a shoot a few months ago that I am gonna blog the SHIT out of. But today I want to share her fabulous wisdom, rather than her fabulous… other assets. This is some of the best life advice you’ll ever get, so listen up.

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On Happiness

So much of our lives is centered around our relationships. I’m not just talking about romantic involvements, but also all those other connections we build on a day to day basis. If I could give everyone three things to remember it would be these:

You are the gatekeeper of your own happiness

Surround yourself with those people who help YOU make your life happy, not those people you rely on to make your life happy. The two sound very similar but the difference is great. We are the keepers of our own happiness and it is our own responsibility. If you rely on others to make you happy, not only are you creating a dependence that is not under your control but also putting a stress on those around you that is not fair. Those people that help you make your own life happy are the greatest friends you can have, and hopefully you can be the same kind of friend to them.

You are enough

Seek out your own self worth. Don’t base your self worth on the opinions of other people. Don’t see what you provide others as your only measure of self worth. It is so easy to fall into the trap of feeling like without the relationships we have and the things we provide to others we would be worth nothing. Each of us is worth everything to ourselves.

Learn to be alone

Learn the joy of being alone with yourself. Even if it’s just for an hour. Turn off your phone. Go on a date with yourself. Experience the world as a “you” not connected to hundreds of others. Ask yourself questions about yourself. There is no greater joy than knowing that you could be completely happy if you were completely alone.

~ Steph Kuhn

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See what I mean? Beauty AND brains. This holiday season, take some time to appreciate yourself and treat yourself to whatever makes you happy; don’t wait for other people to make your holidays great. You deserve happiness and you have the power to give it to yourself. So get on it!

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