The Ghost Tour Off Broadway… I Mean, The French Quarter

The Ghost Tour Off Broadway… I Mean, The French Quarter

We met under eerie green lights near the Voodoo Shop, ready for an evening of campy adventure, and that’s exactly what we got. History and tragedy, ghosts and horror, incredible architecture… and the occasional tip on how not to get mugged. Handy, that. All of this delivered by a guide who clearly had missed her Broadway calling, whose lovely Southern accent came and went like the river breeze but whose memory for gruesome tales was peerless.

New Orleans Ghost Tour Photos_0001.jpg

Before I went to New Orleans I imagined that Hurricane Katrina would have wiped it clean of history and character, but that’s anything but the truth. These old buildings and their ghosts have endured the years with patient nobility, and where they have been restored it is with a careful hand that doesn’t destroy the old beauty and stories.

Take a look at some of the ghost stories we heard that night:

The Haunting of the Octaroon Mistress
The LaLaurie House: Nightmare Mansion in the French Quarter

New Orleans Ghost Tour Photos_0003.jpg

We finished our hurricanes and made our way home for one last night at Race and Religious, where all OUR ghost wanted was for us to play good music. My new toy, an underwater housing for my camera, had been fetched by fearless rescuers from the clutches of the uncooperative local FedEx and we had one night to play in the dark with the pool lights, so there was no fear of lying awake in bed listening for ghosts- we had other plans.

I think tomorrow is a good day to blog naked underwater photos, yes?

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