Fearless: New Orleans Boudoir Photography Retreat, Day Two- Race and Religious

Fearless: New Orleans Boudoir Photography Retreat, Day Two- Race and Religious

I’m writing this post on the morning of day three because yesterday just didn’t stop. We started with lunch at The Rum House, a restaurant on Magazine Street famous for its tacos and drinks, then settled into Race & Religious, our amazing home for the retreat. We got the keys to the palace, the app for the sound system, and a warning that the ghost doesn’t like Madonna and will change the music if she needs to.

New Orleans Womens Retreat Great Food_0001.jpg

This place is even more amazing than I remembered. The history is so rich you can taste it, and exposed brick walls are mixed with murals that fit so well you don’t notice them at first. The furniture is an eclectic blend of antiques from different eras and the details are endlessly fascinating and sometimes unsetting, just like New Orleans itself. The overall effect is incredible- beautiful, but so much more than just beautiful. Beautiful and strange and utterly compelling.

…I think I’d like that on my gravestone someday.

New Orleans Race and Religious Boudoir Photography_0004.jpg

After an afternoon in the pool, basking in the sunshine and warm Southern breeze and new friendships (all the fabulous women from Edmonton and Calgary plus the vibrant addition of Jen Trombley, a fabulous boudoir photographer from Baton Rouge) we all dolled up for dinner and went to Amicii, an Italian restaurant Meg and I visited on our scouting trip that changed my relationship with shrimp forever. It turns out everything there is just as amazing, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood I can’t recommend it enough. Jen’s husband Max Trombley, who is also a boudoir photographer (a BOY, can you imagine?!) brought chocolate and cookies and brownies and then joined us for dinner, the token man in a sea of femininity. He held up pretty well, I must say.

New Orleans Amicii Restaurant Magazine.jpg

I had every intention of getting to bed at a nice sensible hour, but I should have known better- this is the ultimate slumber party right here, so instead we stayed up late talking about life and love and sex and photography and women’s issues and… well, everything. But the ghost let us sleep well, and by the time I woke up there was already someone in hair and makeup and there were naked women in the pool. I can’t wait to see how this days unfolds.

New Orleans Race and Religious Boudoir Photography_0006.jpg

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