Fearless, Day Three: Late Night Burlesque Class at Race and Religious

Fearless, Day Three: Late Night Burlesque Class at Race and Religious

“Everything is shimmying BUT my booty!”

Meg’s frustrated commentary had us in stitches. I’m not sure burlesque class made me feel sexier, exactly, but it sure as hell was fun. We flirted with our boas and challenged the audience with our eyes, raking satin-gloved hands provocatively down our bodies- in between collaping in laughter and catcalling each other, that is. I definitely learned moves I plan to practice on the sly and pull out on the dance floor when The Boy least expects it. Be warned, Edmonton: Dancing with the Fearless Women is going to be a whole new world of epic after this trip.

Burlesque & Boudoir Race & Religious New Orleans.jpg

Our instructor Cherry Brown was the cutest little sexpot you ever did see, and wrangled our rambunctious group with style. If you’re ever down in her way and looking for some sexy fun, check out her drop in New Orleans burlesque class. It definitely left me wanting more!

By the time our hour was done the floor was awash with stray boa feathers and satin gloves and glitter, our calves were burning, and our booties were… well, we were getting there. I think. The rain that had driven us indoors had cleared away, leaving the evening fresh and the pool beckoning.

(To be continued… Next up: Pool Party!)

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