Fearless: Day Three- Boudoir Photography and Showgirl Costumes

Fearless: Day Three- Boudoir Photography and Showgirl Costumes

Our first day of boudoir photography at Race and Religious. I tried to sleep in, I really did, but laughter from the pool outside my balcony pulled me out of my dreams and into a beautiful day. Sunlight streamed in all the windows and my camera beckoned like a demanding lover. So I gave up all pretense of sleep and wandered downstairs.

Becky, first up to be photographed, was already with Michelle in the beautifully restored vintage kitchen of one of the houses getting her makeup done. In the great room off the kitchen Debbie and Steph were stretched out on an air mattress talking, becoming fast friends while Becky and Michelle chatted over curling irons and eyeshadows. It was the kind of perfect camaradery that we women so rarely get to experience with each other, fun and nonjudgemental friendships growing like weeds all over the place.

After a quick swim in my lingerie (did I mention that I forgot to bring my brand new swimsuit?) I went for a wander to refresh my plan for the day, moving the occasional piece of furniture for better light and mentally mapping sets and outfits.

Race and Religious Boudoir Photography Sets_0002.jpg

I’m not going to tell you about the boudoir photoshoots quite yet- they need a whole blog post each, and of course the beautiful women involved need to see and approve any photos of them I’m going to share. So suffice it to say that by the end of the day I was gibbering with artistic bliss. Becky, Debbie and Steph had each spent more time in front of the camera than your average fashion model (and with better results, if I do say so myself) and if the light hadn’t died (and Meg hidden the studio lights) I might be there still.

About halfway through the day, I made a rule that we were done wearing boring clothing- everyone was comfortable with each other and we’d all been in our skivvies at one time or another, and we had burlesque class that evening to get ready for. So I asked everyone to please wear fun clothing they wouldn’t mind being photographed in while they were lounging around the house. This is what happened next:

Showgirl Costumes Dancing Girls Photography_0006.jpg

My lovely assistant Colette, you see, manages street performers and circus folk back home in Calgary, and she brought not one but THREE showgirl costumes. Because why wouldn’t she. There’s video too, btw. Wait for it.

(To Be Continued: Next up, evening burlesque class with Cherry Brown!)

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