Destination: Glamour

Destination: Glamour

You may have heard the rumblings. Well, it’s all true- this November Acts of Beauty Photography is hosting a fabulous Love Your Body Retreat to Puerto Rico!

See, glamour, boudoir and fantasy couture photography are already about the most fun you can possibly have. Chocolate, corsets, sexiness and laughter, empowerment and a swagger in your step. I know, you’ve all heard the pitch. 😉 But I’m an overachiever, so I couldn’t help but think- how do you top that?
Well, you do it in Puerto Rico, that’s how.

Beach-boudoir-Puerto Rico-Photography.jpg

You find an incredible 17th century mansion, lovingly restored by a passionate artist. That’s your hotel, and the best backdrop you could find for boudoir or art photography. You make sure to test the quality of the local mohitos (check). coconut-mohito-Puerto Rico-photography-Old San Juan.jpg

Testing the mohitos. For research purposes only, of course.

You find a (seriously cute) guide to take you to a secluded waterfall in the rainforest for gorgeous good times and more amazing photos.  You arrange an adventure tour through the rainforest. Don’t forget to plan to rappel down a waterfall and zipline above the canopy.

Puerto Rico-Rainforest-Photography-Adventure-Boudoir.jpg

You ask your internationally renowned makeup artist to come make sure everybody looks and feels amazing.


You include an album. Better add digital files. Oh, and wall art!

You can find more information in the Love Your Body Retreat Brochure, and contact me at if you have any questions.  Catch you on the beach!



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