Destination Boudoir – Fearless: Revelstoke

Destination Boudoir Photography Revelstoke

Destination Boudoir – Fearless: Revelstoke

Sexy photoshoots in a historical mansion with a colourful past- and also outdoors with the beauty of the mountains all around us. New friends, great food, and just the right amount of adventure. What more could you ask from your summer vacation?

Inspiration strikes at midnight

Last summer I hosted the first ever Canadian Fearless Retreat in Revelstoke, BC. I’d stayed the night there on a trip to Vancouver earlier in the year and fallen in love with this little mountain town; old houses and a beautiful river, endless green trees and towering peaks, and some really, really excellent pizza. While I was lying in bed listening to the wind in the trees, it occurred to me that this could be the answer for all the women who say, every year, that they’d love to go on one of my retreats if it weren’t for life getting in the way; not enough vacation time, money is tight, finding a babysitter… you know how it goes. There are a dozen reasons why flying away to exotic places isn’t always an option. So instead of sleeping I took out my phone and started searching.

Destination: Fabulous

I knew as soon as I saw it that I’d found the right place. The colourful outside made it look like a gingerbread house out of a fairy story, and inside, the mansion was full of fragile light and rich wood, lace and intricately detailed wallpapers and quirky, wonderful, richly appointed rooms. Exactly the sort of place that I love to photograph in, and just right for setting the tone of the retreat.

And when the time came…

It was perfect. We laughed and explored and took endless, amazing photographs and bonded and learned about Tinder (!) and accidentally flashed a stranger (whoops) and laughed some more. Some people went for quiet morning walks and others went whitewater rafting, we sampled some truly incredible restaurants together, we found the world’s best coffee and picked fresh raspberries for our breakfast.

Here, long overdue, are just a very few of the many wonderful photos from Revelstoke 2016. I’d love it if you’d comment and let us know what you think. <3

Join us!

Registration for Fearless: Revelstoke 2017 is now open! Want to be a part of the fun? Contact me at or use the form below!


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