Carbs are not an act of war

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Carbs are not an act of war

This whole “eating well” thing has gone too far.

I appreciate the science and studies and proliferation of knowledge that are helping us create new, healthier lifestyles after a generation or two of chemistry projects thinly disguised as convenience foods.  I myself climb tirelessly (I’m lying, some days very tiredly) aboard the veggies ‘n fruit wagon and choose whole grains, whole foods, less meat, cut down the refined sugar… some of the time.  And I feel better for it.


But when the hell did it become recklessly impulsive to have a bagel?

Our relationship with food is so intimate, so unstable, so constantly influenced by a hundred outside factors- advertisers, public interest groups, well-meaning friends, the media, crazy parents, nasty exes, even photographers on a righteous rant (that’s me)- that untangling it seems impossible.  But I really think we’ve got to, because this is ridiculous.  The amount of emotional weight a doughnut, a bagel, heaven forbid a piece of cheesecake, can hold for us is so much heavier than the calories these forbidden delights are carrying.  That a piece of cheesecake can represent failure, or “cheating,” or weakness, gives it so much power- so much more power than that poor dessert is ready to handle.  I mean, seriously.  I’m pretty sure that dairy-and-graham confection doesn’t have the training to manage my mental health.


Gorgeous model Kala lovin’ on her dessert

So next time you’re tempted to feel guilty about what you eat, enjoy it instead.  Stop everything, sit back, and really, truly, deeply experience the cheesecake.  Savour the doughnut.  Love the heck out of your popcorn.  Because I think that’s the real issue- we aren’t valuing the things we eat in the right way.  We aren’t stopping to savour our indulgent moments.

Sure, we all could use to make good choices, plan ahead to eat well, and put things into our body that make us feel good (yes, that too, gutter-mind) and I hope you do.  But for goodness’ sake, don’t eat failure or regret along with your dessert.  That shit’s no good for you.

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