Boobz Cruise- Edmonton Lingerie Store Tour

Boobz Cruise- Edmonton Lingerie Store Tour

It’s like a pub crawl, but with Edmonton lingerie stores! We’re out to have fun, shop till we drop, and support local businesses. Want to join us?

The Why

Because it’s fun, of course! But more seriously, I always encourage my clients to shop locally for their shoots wherever possible. If we want to continue to have diverse, interesting local businesses, we have to support them!

Yes, it’s easy to buy cheap stuff from China online, but the experience that the best Edmonton lingerie stores offer – professional fittings, knowledgeable staff, and truly delicious, high-quality underthings – aren’t something you can replace with a mail-order experience that ends in lingerie that may or may not fit properly.

Of course, it can be a little intimidating to brave a fancy boutique lingerie store for the first time. And shopping is always more fun with supportive friends! So, as always, we have your back. Also, both my makeup artist Michelle and I have lingerie habits – it’s an occupational hazard – to indulge.

Edmonton lingerie stores event pretty bra

The Plan

We’ll meet up at one of Edmonton’s boutique lingerie stores first thing Sunday morning (you have to contact me to get on the guest list if you want all the details) and form into groups. If you have a minivan and want to be a driver, let me know! Then we’ll head on in and find beautiful, frivolous things to try on. I imagine most of us will come home with lots of lovely things! If you have a boudoir shoot coming up this is a great way to get your shopping done and get a professional opinion on what will look great on camera. We’ll hit as many of Edmonton’s lingerie stores (maybe surrounding areas too if we have time) as we can before we run out of time or collapse into an extremely sexy heap.

Potential stops on our route:

Princess Lingerie (Edmonton lingerie store)   –  Night Owl Lingerie (Edmonton lingerie store)

Midnight Magic (Edmonton lingerie store)    –    Dawn’s Bra-tique (Edmonton lingerie store)

Ella Coco (Sherwood Park lingerie store)      –    Nightshade Corsets (Edmonton alternative lingerie and corset store)

The Aftermath

Be prepared for a lingerie hangover the next day, the danger is real.

Edmonton lingerie stores event_0002

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