BIPOC Models Needed

BIPOC Models Needed


 Models needed!!

I have exciting news for you today! A wonderful local mover & shaker wants to do a project exploring how our studio uses boudoir photography and supportive community to help transform a woman’s negative body image and allow her space to fall in love with her body. I had the opportunity to be a part of another project she was working on (more on that when it’s released), and she was so moved by what she saw at the studio that she has decided she wants to help us expand our vision and reach a larger audience. We have the opportunity to make a real worldwide impact but we need your help!

Who should apply

The project’s focus will be on BIPOC women/femmes/nonbinary, especially those in marginalised bodies (bodies with disabilities, trans/nonbinary, plus size) and women who have been through difficult life events (major surgeries, cancer, displacement), since these are the people least likely to get to see bodies like theirs celebrated in the media and whose stories are rarely told in the context of beauty.

What’s involved

If the project application is accepted, the featured women will receive a complimentary boudoir session with Acts of Beauty Boudoir in Edmonton, Alberta and the opportunity to have their story told on a popular platform with a wide distribution. The project will include behind the scenes video and photos from your boudoir session, so you must be comfortable with that (no nudity is required and photos will be tasteful). All applicants will be welcomed into our supportive online community and given resources to advance their self-love and improve their body image.

A quick note: If you’re reading this and thinking “Oh, I wish I were that brave…” – it only takes one act of bravery to change your life. Let it be this. <3

**Applications for this stage of the project close December 22 and we will be contacting you within a week of your application.**

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