Behind the Scenes: Fantasy Couture & Boudoir Photography (Red Deer)

Behind the Scenes: Fantasy Couture & Boudoir Photography (Red Deer)

You hear a lot about your fabulous photographer (ahem), but in any boudoir, glamour, or fantasy couture photoshoot there is a team behind the scenes making it happen.   For boudoir and glamour it’s usually just hair and makeup, but when we do the more styled Fantasy Couture shoots there can be as many as three or four people making the magic happen.  Did you know you can fit an entire 12yo behind a tulle skirt if you have to? Stay tuned.

During this photoshoot we were all balancing carefully to avoid suspicious floorboards and trying not to touch anything (ew), but Michelle is still right in there getting the hair just so.  Have I mentioned how much I love her? Not only is she full of madd skillz with her brushes, she’s calm, soothing, puts up with my endless artistic flights, and never complains about falling down farmhouses.

The difference between a good photo and an excellent one is often in the people you don’t see, rather than the ones you do.



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