Beautiful Abandon- Outdoor Glamour Photography

Beautiful Abandon- Outdoor Glamour Photography

When the models had all gone to relax by the fire, we put down our cameras and ran giggling upstairs to raid the wardrobe. Tassels and tulle, sparkles and silk, we fit them onto bodies unused to the front side of lenses and left our secret insecurities in a heap with our sensible jeans and crumpled socks. Outside in the night air we twirled and danced, laughed and ran, freed to be the fairy princesses we had forgotten we were.

Outdoor Glamour Photography Red Deer-2.jpg
Outdoor Glamour Photography Red Deer-1.jpg
Outdoor Glamour Photography Red Deer-3.jpg

My beautiful model Lori Patrick is a glamour photographer in Treasure Lake, Pennsylvania. Meeting her was one of the highlights of a retreat I attended last year, but these photos have lain unseen in a dusty hard drive until now.  Love ya, Lori!



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