Badass & Brave

Abuse Survivor Edmonton Boudoir Photo Empowerment

Badass & Brave

Angela contacted me after leaving an abusive relationship because she wanted to feel sexy and confident again. She booked her shoot with a friend who she said “packs enough courage for both of us” but let me tell you, I’ve never seen anything but courage when I look at Angie. She is a badass survivor, funny and beautiful and holding nothing back.

Black & White LOVE letters boudoir photo

Angela wrote this for me after her session, and it moved me so much I have been wanting to share it ever since.

“I had never been comfortable in my own skin until I did my shoot with Star.

“I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, and I had found my will to live again. I thought to myself that I wanted to feel sexy, I wanted to feel confident with myself and thought heck why not, but I didn’t expect what I got in return! I expected to walk in and be very shy about my body. But in walked Michelle to do my make up and she was so open and sweet that I started feeling more comfortable. Then Star walked in… and she is like a force ( I have no other way to explain it.) Everything just melted away and it was the most fun and amazing experience of my life.”

Abuse Survivor Edmonton Boudoir Photo Empowerment


“No matter how I felt about myself, Star saw beauty in me I didn’t know existed. When I sat down to go through my pictures afterward. I was dumbfounded by the woman staring back at me in the photos. I didn’t recognize her. She was beautiful. It was like for a moment I didn’t see me through my eyes. All I remember is tearing up and looking at Star and just saying “Wow… I’m… Beautiful”.

“To this day I look back through my photos.. and again am in awe. ❤️”

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Angie, you are inspiring and pack enough courage for a dozen. I’m so glad you found the strength to reclaim your life.

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