And here’s where I’m glad I’m a girl

And here’s where I’m glad I’m a girl

This post is an utter failure of feminist sensibility.

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good really bad day.  Not for any particular reason- it didn’t help that my youngest woke me before 6, I have a million things to do, and the puppy keeps getting into the tulle and making the house look like a fairy godmother’s wardrobe exploded.  Gods, she loves tulle.  That didn’t help, but it’s all pretty standard around here.  No, I’m just having a Bad Day for no good reason.  And so here’s where I utterly fail to be a gender-neutral feminist:

My cute-girl sweater is totally saving the day.

I love being a girl.  I love many of the adorable stereotypes and I love that on a grey and miserable day like this I can chalk my mood up to hormones, dig out the weekend’s I-shouldn’t-have-bought-this purchases and slip into the persona of a cute college girl writing Meaningful Things while sipping mochas in a trendy coffee shop- just by changing my clothes.   I’ll take your head off if you talk down to me or imply women are less capable or independent beings than men, but I love getting flowers from The Boy and having him pay for dinner even though my feminist literature told me those things reinforce gender roles and will lead to my downfall.   I have all sorts of strongly held convictions about consumerism and labour standards that mean I don’t shop a ton- and when I do it’s either secondhand, or at boutiques that promise you your cotton was lovingly tended and died a good death and that the people who made the clothes were not just paid well but also treated with respect.  Gosh, I’m a yuppie.  But sometimes, like last weekend, I cave and go to the mall with a girlfriend and try on nearly everything and buy something unnecessary and absolutely revel in a totally un-PC kind of Being A Girl and come home with a day-saving purple sweater.

Screw my feminist literature.  I’ll be deep tomorrow.





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  • Cori
    Posted at 16:59h, 20 August Reply

    I promise that none of those things are remotely at odds with being a feminist. See c3n0byte’s recent rant on the subject for corroboration.

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