100 Days of Gratitude

100 Days of Gratitude

Sometimes, and I know this will shock you right out of your pants, I forget to update my blog. I have a stack so deep of gorgeous boudoir photography and fantasy couture sessions to blog it’s just appalling(ly awesome). But I’m doing this new thing, so I thought I’d share with you and maybe it’ll even remind me to show you sexy pictures more often!


I am starting a new project today: 100 days of gratitude. I want my kids to learn to recognise and be thankful for the good things in life, and you know what the only thing my kids learn from is? What I do. Man, I would have saved myself a lot of wasted lectures figuring that out earlier.

Day one:

I am grateful for the library, where my kids are always excited to go.

I am grateful for forgiveness, which the library extends to me- in exchange for a cash donation- every time a stack of books disappears into the depths of our home.

I am grateful for my horses, who in addition to being beautiful have relieved me of the need to ever mow the lawn. Also, think of the savings owning 7 horses has provided on things like a riding mower (ha! I have 7!) and landscaping (which they just eat). See, dear? I’m so fiscally responsible.

I am grateful for my beautiful Arab mare Kesia in particular, who today was found playing with the swings. For no reason anyone could tell except who doesn’t like playing with swings?

I am grateful for my adorable little boy, who diligently cut an entire zucchini into pieces with a butter knife because he wanted to help with dinner.

And I am grateful for tomorrow, when I get to try again at the things I didn’t quite get to today. Like tuna casserole, swimming, and sleeping in.

What are you grateful for?

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