100 Days of Gratitude: Day Three

100 Days of Gratitude: Day Three

Well, in retrospect, I never said I’d do 100 CONSECUTIVE days of gratitude.  So I’m fine.

Day Three

I am grateful for blueberries, even if it appears that, eaten in enough quantity, they shoot out of my son like a rocket and require me to abandon work on the new business cards to snuggle with him and his aching tummy on the couch.

I am grateful for my goats, whose bleating in the dark reminds me to put them to bed before they are eaten by coyotes.  Or that crazy thing that laughed like a hyena outside my window the one time.  Eugh.  Would have packed up and gone back to the city that very night if it weren’t for knowing what happens when you go out of the house at night in a horror movie.

I am grateful for my fabulous clients and friends, who are peppering me with questions about the Puerto Rico photography escapade and getting me SO PUMPED.

I am grateful for sleeping aids and warm milk with vanilla, which help me to sleep, eventually, even when I am SO PUMPED.

And I am grateful for ginger chews.  I made my bag last nearly 2 whole weeks! Now, the hunt begins.

<3 What are you grateful for?

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