Fearless: New Orleans Destination Boudoir Photography Retreat- Day One

I’m sitting on the moonlit porch of a New Orleans mansion, faded from its glory days but beautiful still.  The breeze is warm and smells of lush old trees, of delicate pink flowers, of history I don’t yet know but plan to learn.  This group of women is smart and sassy and so much fun and we stayed up later than we should, showing off lacy underthings and talking and laughing and eating burgers hard-won from a sarcastic bartender late into this Sunday night.  We have the most amazing people here, hailing from Edmonton and Calgary and Texas and as of tomorrow, Louisiana too, and we talked about everything from boudoir photography to politics to guyliner (my new favourite word).   Now I’m just sitting here soaking it all in, writing this blog post in a faded notebook because paper and pen feel so right on a night like this.  I should go to bed, but I can’t quite bear to miss a minute of this.

New Orleans Destination Boudoir Retreat

New Orleans, it’s so good to see you again!

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