Nervous about booking a shoot? So were all these women. <3


The very first image that came up on the screen literally made me catch my breath.  I gasped, and leaned in and asked “Is that me? Holy sh*t.” I couldn’t believe what I was looking at…and it wasn’t just the first image.  Picture after picture, shot after shot, she had captured me in a way I didn’t know I could look. I -was- sensual. I -was- sexy. Damn, in one picture I was even HOT.  I could not believe what I was seeing.” – Peggy


Beautiful Plus Size Boudoir Photos Pose

“I got to see my photos this weekend and I am stunned, thrilled and so proud of myself for doing something beyond my comfort zone. Star is warm and encouraging, and she helped me choose clothing/lingerie looks that made me feel pretty and confident. Michelle, the hair and makeup artist, was so calming – I spent nearly two hours in her chair for hair and makeup and the entire time it was like I was hanging out with a good friend. She made me glamorous!” – Karyn


Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

“I have never been comfortable in my own skin until I did my shoot with Star. She saw beauty in me I didn’t know existed. When I sat down to go through my pictures afterward I was dumbfounded by the woman staring back at me in the photos… I didn’t recognize her. She was beautiful. It was like for a moment I didn’t see me through my eyes. All I remember is tearing up and looking at Star… and just saying “Wow… I’m… Beautiful.”

To this day I look back through my photos, and again am in awe.”



“If you think that boudoir isn’t for you, you’re so wrong. That’s what I thought at one time, and then I met Star and everything changed. She has made it her mission to help women of all sizes and shapes to see themselves in a light they didn’t think could exist. She will take such good care of you through your shoot, she’s not just your photographer for the day, she’s a genuine friend who wants you to see yourself as a beautiful human being.” – Michelle