Boudoir & Glamour Photography Pricing


Did you know the “investment” page is usually the first thing people click on when they visit a photographer’s website- often before they look at the photos? I’m happy to share my prices, but first please take a look at the beautiful galleries on this website, decide whether you’re in love with my work, and read a bit about what I have to offer.

The boudoir experience is very personal and while price is a factor for all of us, I want you to choose me as your photographer because you truly believe I will give you photographs that will change the way you see yourself and that you’ll treasure forever- not because I cost more or less than the guy down the street. We are the best in the business and our pricing reflects that, but we have payment plans that mean this can be an affordable experience for anyone. If you want to work with me, email me and we’ll make it happen.

Your $499 session fee includes:

~ A fun, empowering, confidence-building photoshoot that will change the way you see yourself

~ Posing and expression coaching that will mean you rock these photos AND every one you have taken from now on

~ Professional hair and makeup tailored to your personal style, by one of Edmonton’s premier artists

~ A pre-session consultation to plan your shoot and ease your nerves

~ Complimentary personal shopping experiences with local boutiques

~ A self-confident swing to your hips

~ Our comprehensive wardrobe guide, help choosing outfits, and access to the studio wardrobe

~ Chocolate, champagne or sparkling lemonade, and other indulgent treats

~ A private reveal party featuring a gorgeous slideshow of your images 

~ Invitation to alumni events, parties, photography classes and other cool perks

Around here, you’re not just a client, you’re a new friend. I began my career taking photos of my best friends- late into the night we laughed and talked and became stronger and more confident and discovered, in among the art and sexy photos, what a powerful tool for change photography can be. This is your invitation to join us.

Maybe you want hot photos as a kick-ass gift for your significant other, maybe you want them to celebrate a change in your life, maybe you just want an excuse to wear that awesome corset you bought- whatever your reasons, do this for yourself. Because boudoir is not just about pictures; it’s about about empowerment, courage, friendship, and giving yourself permission to love yourself.


Albums, wall art and galleries are available from the a la carte menu at your reveal party. Albums range from 899-4700, wall art starts at 225, fine art galleries begin at 699, and all-in collections of loveliness are available from 1400. Most women have trouble leaving without spending at least 2000 on beautiful things, but there are no minimum orders and you buy only what you love.  Just be prepared to love it all!

Payment plans available, inquire for details