Be Your Own Art

Tiptoeing carefully through the long grass, we peered into the abandoned farmhouse. Golden light stole between missing shingles and poured through windows bare of glass. Grinning, I raised my camera as she slipped in the door.

Richly detailed and complex, couture shoots are one-of-a-kind passion projects that result in magical photographs. The darker side of fairytales or the Lady of Shallot, gothic romance or just a spectacular red dress- together we will take the seed of an idea and make it into a day-long photographic adventure. The studio wardrobe is overflowing with corsets and tulle, and our team will help you design an artistic, beautiful photoshoot that brings your dreams to life. In addition to talented makeup artist Michelle Grad, styling guru Stephanie Height, and of course your favourite photographer- that’s me- we are pleased to welcome master hairstylist Jolan Magnan for select couture and glamour projects!

We welcome ideas both simple and complex- come to us with a lifelong dream or just the desire to play dressup, a movie character you love or a gown you have always wanted an excuse to wear. Your couture photography session includes art boards and concept creation, professional hair and makeup styling, a fabulous day making art on location or in the studio, access to the studio wardrobe and our help in creating the look of your dream. In addition, you will choose from options that include a made-from-scratch outfit, take home corset, and other indulgent goodies, as well as an afternoon viewing at which you can order the rest of your products.

Contact me for more details and to discuss your shoot!