How To Choose Your Boudoir Photographer

How To Choose An Awesome Boudoir Photographer


You’ve decided to take the plunge- get down to your skivvies, bare it all, and trust someone to take photos that make you feel beautiful.  But there are a lot of options out there, and maybe you know someone who had a bad experience.  How do you choose a boudoir photographer who is trustworthy, talented, tasteful and also going to make this the fun and fabulous experience it should be? It’s not as hard as it sounds, if you do a little research.

Experience matters

There are lots of excellent boudoir photographers out there. Choose one of them. Look for someone with experience and an established business specialising in boudoir and women’s portraiture, because there’s a lot of skill that goes into posing and lighting women in flattering ways that make them look and feel great. You want to come out of this feeling empowered, beautiful, sexy and fabulous.


Choosing an Edmonton Red Deer Boudoir Photographer- StyleFun_0005.jpg

Love their work

When you’re considering a photographer- for any kind of photography, not just boudoir- take a good look at their portfolio and make sure their style suits what you have in mind. Sure, we’re professionals and we can do a wide variety of things with our cameras, but if you want Hustler and I do soft artsy natural light then there may be someone who is a better fit.

Meet them

Meet potential photographers in person before your shoot, or talk to them on the phone; make sure you get along and feel comfortable with them, because how you feel during the shoot is what you’ll remember when you look at the photos. You’re going to be spending a couple of hours in your skivvies with this person, make sure you like them.

Don’t rule out men

One of my favourite boudoir photographers and good friends is a male boudoir photographer. Obviously make sure there’s a female assistant involved, but if you love their work and are comfortable with them, go for it.


Choosing a male boudoir photographer

Max Trombly of Breathless Boudoir helps my model with her posing- New Orleans 2014


Pay what you’re worth

Don’t cheap out on this- as my friend and fellow boudoir photographer Brooke Summer said, when you are taking your clothes off for someone, do you really want “cheap” to be the way you describe the experience? Didn’t think so.  Most professionals accept credit cards and offer payment plans. It’s worth it; I have done it myself. Travelled to Pennsylvania and then to Texas, in fact, and it was completely worth it both times. I left feeling sexy, confident, and utterly awesome- plus I had these amazing photos to remember the experience by.


Choosing a Boudoir Photographer- Different Styles

Photos I love from my own boudoir shoots- note the very different styles.


The proof is in the pudding:

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references. A good boudoir photographer will have lots of clients that are thrilled to talk about their experience and are happy to set your mind at ease.


Have anything to add on how to pick a great boudoir photographer? Comment and I may add it to the post!



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