Family Photography Fundraiser- Lacombe Community Refugee Effort

Family Photography Fundraiser

To benefit the Lacombe Community Refugee Effort

Family Photography Fundraiser



The Details

25 minutes, 7 professionally edited photos that your family will treasure forever, and a genuinely fun family photography experience with an internationally renowned photographer.

Location: Outdoors at Lacombe’s gorgeous Research Centre

Dates: Appointments available Friday Sept 14 between 230PM and 6PM, and Saturday Sept 15 830AM-11AM and 1230PM-6PM

How to book: Call 780 966 0202 or mail Star at

The Story

A bit over two years ago, I met some of my best friends. We didn’t speak the same language, share the same religion, or cook the same food- but that was part of what made our friendship special.

The Al Omars are some of my favourite people in the world. Bashar, the dad of the family, is friendly and hardworking; Naema, the mom, is sweet, determined, and incredibly smart. Ghazeye, the oldest kid, is sassy and bossy and thoughtful in equal parts, where her just-barely younger sister Juliet is fiery, loving, and a deep thinker. Ibrahim is a serious soul with a great sense of humour tucked inside, and Mohamad is an intense little clown with more personality in his mischievous little finger than most people have in their whole body.

I can only imagine the bravery it took to leave everything they knew and loved behind to come to a country where they understood no one and every tiny aspect of their new life was a challenge. Things we take for granted- like buying groceries, registering for school, and getting around town- were impossible tasks at first, and it took an incredible amount of courage and determination, plus a huge team of volunteers, to help them adjust.

Now the family is thriving, but not everyone is so lucky. Back in Lebanon, Naema’s sister and her children still live with hunger, the imminent threat of violence, and poor access to education and healthcare. They’re not safe.

The Fundraiser

On September 7 & 8 I will be offering mini family photography sessions at a fraction of the usual cost to raise money for the Lacombe Community Refugee Effort, so that we can help Naema’s sister and her kids- and possibly others in need as well- to find safety and a fresh start.