Help Make 2017 Awesome

Help me make 2017 awesome!

Tell me more about the things you love and what you'd like to see happening at the studio and earn my gratitude and admiration, plus a $50 gift that can be used towards any photography purchase at the studio- INCLUDING session fees and Limited Edition sessions!
  • Section 1: You and the things you love

  • (Totally optional)
  • (This one is actually just here because I need new music. Hook me up!)
  • Section 2: Shopping

  • Travel

  • (Shop, have adventures like ziplining and snorkelling, see museums, drink the local wine, go to shows...)
  • (Money, time of year, not sure if you'll enjoy it, shy, etc)
  • Boudoir photography & studio events

  • (Pick your top 1-3, ctrl-click on PC or command-click on a mac)
  • Please choose the one or two you think are most applicable
  • Last details